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HK Autumn Electronic Exhibition 2018

2018-12-04 10:27:05 Author:ada Click:487

   In October 2018, our company took part in the HK Autumn Electronic Exhibition with our most classic and newly development products. Including all kinds of self-defense alarms, door & window alarms and outdoor safety supplies. Our products attracted many customers to our booth in the exhibition. Facing the needs of customers, our products have been praised by customers as before. At this exhibition, our company has achieved great success.

   Our latest development of watch alarm, step-counting alarm, door & window alarm and bicycle steering lights, the development technology and practicability of these products, won the praise of customers. There is also an infrared alarm, which is highly loved by American customers.

   Our products have been pursuing the goal of "higer, newer, more refined" ,striving to win customers' favor and industry respect. In this exhibition, we prove that our efforts are not in vain with our product strength. Of course, we will not stop our steps, in the future we will continue to move forward, to provide higher services, updated products, more refined quality.