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Meinoe’s Trip in Xiachong

2019-07-19 13:46:58 Author:Landa Click:1095

  In April, meinoe celebrated its 15th anniversary. Over the past 15 years, meinoe has focused on the development and production of personal self-defense alarms and door window alarms. In the field of personal security, meinoe has developed many kinds of products, such as watch wristband alarm, flashlight alarm, student alarm, lady bag alarm and so on.

    Now, in this beautiful July, meinoe welcomes the good day to travel together.On this sunny day, all staff of meinoe get together and enjoy our trip. After more than an hour's driving, we arrived at the beautiful Xiachong beach.


 After getting off, we came to the barbecue area, quiet woods, a few bunch of small flowers in full bloom, sparse leaves set with a blue sea. Not for a while, we all become busy to work.      


    After enjoying the delicious barbecue, we came to the beautiful seaside.


  Bright sunshine, breeze bursts, all is the taste of summer.In the shade, we began the most interesting game. The first is to test the ability of reaction, called turnip squat game, all of us are divided into six groups, each group has five people. At the beginning each team choose one person for game, as the host commanded, we started to launch "attack", some people read wrong name, and others squat down, in the laughter and happiness, the first round of the game is over. Then, we carried out a three-legged competition between two people, which exercised the teamwork ability among each group.       


    Time slipped by, and it was already four o 'clock in the afternoon. After free activities, this short but beautiful journey came to an end. On the way back, with the sunset, all the faces of us looked happy.

    This day trip, we laugh together, not only can it enhance the friendship between us, but also let us feel the warmth of the meinoe family, I believe we can put 100 percent enthusiasm into our future work! Come on, everybody!