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One More Alarm, One More Hope!

2019-06-28 09:50:16 Author:Landa Click:443

     Recently, several places in China have been affected by earthquakes of different degrees. When facing the nature, human beings are so small, bright and fresh life seems so pale...

    Where there is disaster, there is no escape from despair.

    When we are trapped under the ruins because of a sudden earthquake, when we have no ability to cry for help, how we hope that the rescue workers outside can hear our hearts cry, but not every time is so lucky.

    Perhaps in this time, a small personal defense alarm can also play its essential role.The alarm sound from the ruins is the survivor's desire to live, is the hope of rescue workers to save lives.

     How I wish the disaster will never happen again, how I wish every one of us will be safe when the disaster happens!

    The small personal defense alarm is not just for self-defense, when we encounter natural disasters and be trapped in despair, it can also become the hope of our survival.