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Protect Yourself Whenever and Wherever You Are!

2019-06-28 11:07:44 Author:Landa Click:515

Recently, a lot of news on Weibo is about the tragic experience of female friends. Girls walking on the road are persecuted by strangers. No matter what the reason is, it makes us feel angry and distressed.

In the era of prosperity of the motherland, the personal safety of female friends is still not guaranteed. No matter it is day or night, female friends need to have a strong sense of self-protection and take some measures to protect themselves.

Female anti-wolf alarm belongs to personal security products. In case of danger, besides shouting for help, we can also send out distress signals through the alarm. To some extent, the loud decibel sound of the alarm can scare off criminals.

This heart-shaped alarm device is small and convenient for girls to carry out. In addition, the alarm is easy to operate and use, only need to open the key chain can issue 125 db of sound.

Please protect yourself whenever and wherever you are!