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Round Personal Alarm——Beauty and Safety

2019-05-29 10:53:17 Author:Landa Click:655

   Hi,my dear friends!

  Summer is coming! As is known to all, summer is a wonderful season for lovely girls to wear colorful dresses and skirts.Beauty attracts attentions, with good attentions you may feel comfortable but bad ones may make your feel unsafe.When facing with this situation, are there any effective ways to avoid?

  Here please let me recommend an useful way. This is an ultra bright flashlight alarm. When pulling out the bolt, the alarm will immediately emit 120-125  dB sound. Restore the bolt and the sound will stop immediately.When the product is pressed on the key, the light shines, and then press on the key again, the light goes out.When in danger, it can help people to ask for help and scare away bad people, especially for girls who go out alone, ladies who take evening classes, joggers and old people who live alone. It can decorate schoolbag, handbag, purse to wait a moment, can make flashlight in dark environment.

  Hope you all have good days!