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HK Autumn Electronic Exhibition 2019

In this year's exhibition, Meinuo brought 7 brand-new products and 25 classic products to the exhibition, which won the high praise of numerous...

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Meinoe’s Trip in Xiachong

On this sunny day, all staff of meinoeget together and enjoy our trip.After more than an hour's driving, we arrived at the beautiful Xiachong...

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Protect Yourself Whenever and Wherever You Are!

Recently, a lot of news on Weibois about the tragic experience of female friends. Girls walking on the road are persecuted by strangers. No...

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One More Alarm, One More Hope!

One more alarm, one more hope!Recently, several places in China have been affected by earthquakes of different degrees. When facingthe nature,...

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Round Personal Alarm——Beauty and Safety

personal alarm

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HK Autumn Electronic Exhibition 2018

In October 2018, our company took part in the HK Autumn Electronic Exhibition with our most classic and newly development products.Including...

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Meinoe Safety Production Fire Drill in 2017

In order to inspect the fire emergency plan of our company, continued to carry out the spirit of "safe production", ensure the produc- tion...

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2016 HongKong Electronics Autumn Fair

Our company attended in 2016 HongKong Electronics Autumn Fair. We showed a series of our feature electronics product –alarms and safety...

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Meinoe “One day tour of Xichong ”

After the typhoon “Nida” just went away, itwas hard to see still cool in such hot summer. In order to enrich everyone’s entertainmentand relax...

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2016 HK Electronics Fair from 13th to 16th in October

Our company will participate in the 2016 HK Electronics Autumn Fair from 13 to 16 in October. At that time, we will show all kinds of our...

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Congratulation to our company successfully participated in 2015 HK Electronics Autumn Fair.

Our company participated in 2015 HK Electronics Autumn Fair. For this fair, we showed a series of our feature electronics product –Personal...

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Meinoe Safety Production Month Fire Drill in 2016

Our company carried out the fire drill in Technology Park in the morning of March 4, 2016.Our company’s leader and the employee positively took...

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